Months and Days in Khorvaire

Khorvaire, and Eberron specifically, has a unique naming system to it’s days and months.

Here they are, so you can look at them later.


  • Zarantyr (January),
  • Olarune (Feb),
  • Therendor (Mar),
  • Eyre (April),
  • Dravago (May),
  • Nymm (June),
  • Lharvion (July),
  • Barrakas (Aug),
  • Rhaan (Sept),
  • Sypheros (Oct),
  • Aryth (Nov),
  • Vult (Dec)

Days of the Week

There are 4 weeks of 7 days each in a month, for a total of 28 days. The days are as follows;

  • Sul (Sunday)
  • Mol (Monday)
  • Zol (Tuesday)
  • Wir (Wednesday)
  • Zor (Thursday)
  • Far (Friday)
  • Sar (Saturday

Months and Days in Khorvaire

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