Cyre lies in the southeast of the continent of Khorvaire, bordering Karrnath in the north.


Cyre was, as most Cyrans will attest, the victim in the War. Most are bitter and resentful of the terrible cost to the nation once known as the ‘Jewel of Galifar’, and point out Mishann‘s rightful claim to the throne. Queen Dannel rules, relying heavily on the skills of the Valenar cavalry she has hired, as well as other mercenaries from House Deneith. Cyre is a land of pelnty, with lush farmlands, thriving cities, and traditions of art and elegant styles. It has, for nearly a century, been the primary battleground of the War, with other countries clashing within it’s borders in huge conflicts. It is, some say, dying by inches, many of it’s outlying settlements razed. Metrol, and it’s few other major cities are filled with refugees, hopeless and homeless, though the country itself still struggles on in the conflict.

Cyran fashion tends toward bright colors—similar to Aundairian fashion but without the flamboyance of Aundair’s hats and ruffles. Cyran style also favors large amounts of jewelry, in quantities that others sometimes found gaudy. Although some Cyran are fervent patriots, others have begun to realize that continuing this war will only assure the total loss of Cyre under the boots of clashing armies.


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