Some info and ideas for starting off. The campaign is set in Eberron (one of the official settings of 4E, there’s books and stuff, which I don’t own, at least not yet. I do have the 3.5 books, though, and have read through the 4E ones.) More specifically, it starts in Aundair, one of the Five Nations.

As far as the timeline goes, the main campaign is set pretty much directly after a conflict known as the Last War (yes, capitalized, it was kind of a big deal). My campaign is actually going to be during the last years of the Last War (a little redundant feeling to type).

Some info on character creation. This was all brainstorming, so it’s just suggestions and stuff, not hard and fast rules. I’ll update and adjust it as things go and we figure out what’s going to end up where.

Race- This can inform your entire character, or at least give you a great place to start out with developing a neat idea and personality. Eberron brings an interesting set of dynamics to the table, racially. With it’s idea that any creature (excepting some demons/angels and certain other things) are just as likely to be good as they are evil, it opens up a rather broad spectrum of new territory. In addition, there are some newer races that are originally specific to Eberron itself. These are the Warforged, sentient constructs that were crafted as weapons, but gained lives of their own, the Shifters, remnants of the lycanthrope races, distant descendants of those few that survived the Crusade led by the Silver Flame, and the Changelings, a race that lacks a proper place in things, half-touched with the ability of doppelgangers, and able to change their shape, gender and appearance to suit their whim.
As far as my campaign goes, I’m intending to offer a list of ‘approved’ and ‘disapproved’ races. However, just because a race rests in the ‘disapproved’ category, that doesn’t mean that, given good reason and an interesting idea, I might not allow it anyway. These are just general guidelines.
Approved: Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Human, Halfling, Tiefling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Shifter (Longtooth/Razorclaw), Changeling, Kalashtar, Warforged.

Disapproved: Eladrin, Deva, Goliath, Githzerai, Minotaur, Shardmind, Wilden, Bladeling, bugbear, Bullywug, Duergar, Genasi, Githaynki, gnoll, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kenku, Kobold, Orc, Revenant, Shadar-Kai

Class- This can easily be the next thing to go to, when choosing a character. Or even the first, if you want to pick a race to fit your class better. In the framework of the campaign, just about any sort of class makes sense, or can be made to make sense. Some might need a bit of explanation to make them workable, but all are allowed, offhand.
As a note, the Artificer is a class that originated in Eberron, and fits the flavor thereof quite well. Certain things, like psionics, are a bit harder to find than they might be in other settings, as most of them are relegated to a certain few races. This doesn’t make it impossible to play a psionic class, though.

Home- Simply put, where are you from? The game will focus, at least in the beginning, on the nation of Aundair, one of the ‘Five Nations’ which once made up the Kingdom of Galifar, a continent spanning empire that covered most of Khorvaire, before the Last War. It would be, of course, simplest to hail from Aundair itself, but it’s equally likely that one might have immigrated, or found themselves sheltered there as a refugee, or even have found a cause worth fighting for in the Aundari aims. For some starting points:

Fairhaven- The capital of Aundair, home of Queen Aurala and her advisors, as well as the political heart of the country.

Stormhome – The heart of the Dragonmarked House Lyrandar, the possessors of the Mark of Storms.

Passage- The second largest city in Aundair, and the main enclave of House Orien, the Dragonmarked House of Passage.

Arcanix- Arcanix is the name of a tiny village, which also marks the location of the Arcane Congress, floating in the skies above.

Other- Aundair is not solely it’s bustling cities, it is also a verdant land, filled with small townships and farms, with the Eldeen Reaches on it’s western border, the most rugged expanse of forest in Khorvaire. As well, it’s known to hold monasteries, and the wine produced in Aundair is renowned far and wide.


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