Kaalin Ir'Drael

Third Son of Marr Ir'Drael, noble Lord of the Cyll Coast


Adherent of the Way of the Blooming Rose.

The youngest son of a well-respected Lord, with holdings on the northeastern coast of Aundair, he proved to be a patriot at a young age, joining a monastery dedicated to the ideals of Galifar. Within, he trained with blade and discipline, and emerged a relatively skilled swordsman.

His father, Lord Marr Ir’Drael, is one of the most outspokenly loyal of the nobility to Aurala’s rule. And, thanks to his unimpeachable reputation as a war hero, he remains steadily above suspicion of manipulation or coercion, a person of trustworthiness that Aurala desperately needs.

His health, never great, failed him once he joined the fighting, and he’s been ill and somewhat weak ever since. Though his body is failing him, his mind remains sharp, and he’s as friendly as can be. that is, no doubt, why Aurala trusted him with the mission he holds. To find a way to end the war, or, if nothing presents itself for making peace, to turn the tide to Aundair’s advantage.

He is enamored of a human thief known as Zephyr, and has most recently sprung her from a guardhouse in Darthaven, to take her along on the most recent mission. He is unaware that Gratzia is similarly attracted to her.

Kaalin Ir'Drael

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